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Guy Dunphy guykd at
Sat Jul 20 22:47:45 CDT 2019

At 11:41 PM 19/07/2019 -0600, you wrote:
>OK. I've done the first of the manuals I have. Thanks for all the helpful
>I took apart the Rainbow User's Manual's metal spiral spine. I scanned it
>with scansnap and ran it through the indexing function. I think I tweaked
>the settings in a reasonable way.
>The results look good to my eye, but I'm not 100% sure, so I thought I'd
>post it here for feedback:

Congratulations, that is nicely done.
I like the way you took the trouble to keep the purple ink on some page's LED diagrams,
and the cover images.
I'm not fond of that two-tone encoding of B&W text, but that is an artifact of PDF.
(Unless you go to ridiculous bits/pixel formats, ie large file sizes.)
Since PDF does not allow inclusion of images encoded as PNG. And PNG does the best
B&W text image compression, in run-length encoded 4 bits/pixel grayscale. Which preserves
character and line edges very nicely, while still achieving better file compression.

I wish I knew why ISO and Adobe never updated PDF to include PNG images. It's one of the
worst failings in PDF. Just that one alone makes PDF unacceptable.
 :) Maybe because trying to type the right one (PDF vs PNG) is really error prone?

When you scanned the pages, what was the raw save format? (If any.)
If it was any format like RGB/24, or indexed 256 color, did you keep the raw files?
>Second, how do I submit this to bitkeepers? I've looked around and don't
>see how. maybe I'm just being blind...    bitkeepers is something else.
The site's contact email is right down the bottom of the front page. Visual, to stop spambots.
Also Al posts here in cctalk.


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