DEC Pro380 problems

Eric Dittman dittman at
Fri Jul 19 21:52:22 CDT 2019

I pulled my Pro380 out of storage after getting a replacement
VR201 monitor.  I connected it all together and on powerup I
get the following display:

The tech manual says this is an error from slot 1 (the hard
drive controller) and the error is "Non-existent memory trap
occurred for longer than 20 seconds".

I reseated all the cards.  I noticed three ICs are missing on
the hard drive controller but I don't know if they are empty
or someone removed the ICs (I can't remember where I got this
system).  I can't find a picture of the controller to compare.

The missing ICs can be seen here:

These are the installed option cards:

Any ideas?
Eric Dittman

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