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On 19/07/2019 06:01, Guy Dunphy via cctalk wrote:
> I have a lot more to say about the wisdom of destroying original publications
> to scan them, especially when you are not already an expert at scanning and
> the many tradeoffs.
> But have to go afk just now.

I scanned a decent amount, several hundred items, when I had access to 
reasonable scanners. I've "destroyed" precisely one item and that 
actually still exists (I cut the spine off but I still have all the 
pages). A few other docs had already fallen apart (the glue in the 
binding had failed over the years) so I may have separated out the last 
few remaining pages. Everything else was either in a ring binder or 
stapled together (in which case I've reassembled the document afterwards).

So scanning doesn't necessarily lead to a reduction in available hardcopy.

I suspect that much more is lost either due to "I need the space, this 
has to go" or time (water damage, pages sticking together, mice/worms, 

Which reminds me, I need to find online copies of Personal Computer 
World so I can sell off a few boxes worth :-)


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