Scanning question

Warner Losh imp at
Thu Jul 18 16:50:02 CDT 2019

So, I have a bunch of old DEC Rainbow docs that aren't online. I also have
a snapscan scanner that I use for bills and such.

There's four kinds of docs, and I'm looking for advice:

(1) wire-ring bounded. What's the best way to scan these? The easiest is to
just clip the wire binding and drop it in the scanner. But then what?

(2) Folded with staples. These are booklet format, with stables in the
middle. I could easily remove the staple and scan. but how do I replace the

(3) Gum bound. These books are bound with some kind of gum / goo on the
spine. Some of these are so old I could just remove it and have no real
degradation of the state. Others have spines that are still in good shape.

(4) Three ring binder. This is easy: remove, scan, replace. Right?

Finally, how do I get the resulting scans into bigkeeper? Any fancy options
I should enable to make the pdfs maximally useful?


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