Computer Reset shop, liquidation. (USA)

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Thu Jul 18 14:27:47 CDT 2019

> Well, good for you.

Was this not aimed at me?

"My impression is that you don't grasp the size of the place and the
amount of stuff."

I do. Know you know - but lose the attitude, please.

> So what's the problem? Is there anything in there even _worth_
> stealing that non-specialists would recognise?

Scrap. Good old-timey pre-2000 ewaste.

> They're around anyway. It happens.

It happens more when the goods are advertised - like a Youtube video.
I bet a lot of gold bugs saw the LGR video in their suggestion feed
that otherwise would not know about it.

> I suspect if a ram-raider filled a pantechnicon there and drove off,
> it wouldn't make a 0.1% dent.

Oh might not know how these guys can work. Go back and read
one of my posts in this thread. 10 guys, 12 hours, every bit of scrap

Anyway, I'm out. I have things to do, like deal with my own pile of stuff.


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