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> Well, I think he kind of created a shitstorm and gave CR a little too
> much exposure. The CR liquidation seems to have been going at a nice
> controlled rate. Now that the whole world knows, it would not be a
> surprise if security issues come up.
> Basically, he should have released the video after CR had been pretty
> cleared out and closed. He should have realized the consequences of
> his video.
> This is why when I get into a place like this, I am very picky about
> who I let it, and in no way allow videos to be made and published on
> Youtube, even on my own channel.

I've been trying to get exposure for CR for a couple of months now.
I've covered why to Guy D. in another reply.

I am on another continent, with a small apartment already too full of
old computers, and a baby due in a couple of months. I have never been
there, can't  get there, and almost certainly never will.

But I've been talking to Justin about this, reading the delighted
stories of people who've been mining there, and I'm delighted by this
coverage. I will be re-sharing this video.

My impression is that you don't grasp the size of the place and the
amount of stuff. This is great coverage.

Quite gatekeeping. This is not a free-for-all, but it's trying to make
some money for the owner in his dotage. Exposure is good. Coverage is

10,000 collectors could visit this place and they won't empty it.
100,000 might begin to.

What's your beef?

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