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> Ah yes, now I see there was exactly one previous mention a month ago on 2019-06-12
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Yep. That was me. It was intentional.

This is a sort of rescue operation -- both trying to rescue some
vintage kit for the hobbyist community, _and_ trying to raise xsome
money for the care of the owner and his wife.

The family don't know anything about their dad's business or
retrocomputing and we just going to send it all to recycling, making
pennies on the ton and not raising enough to really help. They had no
idea that this was for many people a treasure-trove and could realise
enough money to keep the business owner and his wife in comfort,
financial safety and (this being the USA) healthcare for whatever
remaining lifespan they've got.

I've done what I can to promote it on FB in ½ dozen retrocomputing
groups, on Twitter, and on ClassicCmp.

This is good stuff, organised by volunteers, trying to save a lot of
kit from recycling and a family from penury.

I don't like Youtube much. I am not interested in retrogaming. I don't
follow podcasts or videos. They take too long. I'm a speedreader and a
writer and the vague unstructured blethering on of most Youtubers and
podcasters drives me to distraction.

This LGR guy took 15 min to get to the point. Any point. And his
channel doesn't even explain what "LGR" stands for.

Can't stand such stuff.

But this is great coverage and I am glad it's happened.

> Were there other discussions perhaps, that didn't mention the shop name?

I think it's come up, yes.

Bear in mind though that retrocomputing is a *huge* and growing hobby
these days. It's big, lively, international, and fun.

I've been on ClassicCmp for about 15-20 years now, I think, and I've
watched it go from a niche to a big thing. This delights me. More news
is good news.

I don't like keyboard collectors who butcher machines. I don't see
much point in gutting PCs to put Raspberry Pis or PC motherboards in

This guy's into stuff I consider as plastic junk like eMachines, but
again, if it keeps it out of recycling, that's good.

But that's what some people do, so hey, whatever. It all keeps the
field ticking over.

With any luck, some Youtubers will volunteer and help out. That's good too.

So I don't understand the complaint, here, really.

Isn't it just what the kids call "gatekeeping?"

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