Computer Reset shop, liquidation. (USA)

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Wed Jul 17 14:06:10 CDT 2019

On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 11:13 AM John Foust via cctalk
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> I've considered taking a truckful to VCF Midwest, but apparently
> I'd need to make a big scary sign that says "If you don't take it now,
> it's going to recycling" because I can't imagine that I'd be able
> to give away half the load.

Please do!  We have a thing called "The Free Pile" that is actually a
magical (one-way) portal to other peoples' garages, basements and
mom's basements.  It can make pretty much anything except printers
disappear.  The last few years, we've barely had to clean anything up
after the show.

But yeah, you should always be prepared to take back anything that
isn't gone by Sunday afternoon.  But if you really have a truckload,
it's another long-standing VCFMW tradition to invite folks out to the
parking lot (which will be conveniently located near the loading doors
this year) for sales and freebies right out of the vehicle.  Bring in
a few teaser items and a big sign that says "more in the truck".

Or don't do any of that stuff, and just come anyway.  Table
registration is open soon (I have the sign-up form on my desktop as I
write this).


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