Computer Reset shop, liquidation. (USA)

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Wed Jul 17 10:29:14 CDT 2019

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> > Well, I think he kind of created a shitstorm and gave CR a little too
> > much exposure. The CR liquidation seems to have been going at a nice
> > controlled rate. Now that the whole world knows, it would not be a
> > surprise if security issues come up.
> Eh, friends of mine were talking about that place like 2 months prior to
> LGR's video. Just remember, it's not the only one. There are likely to be
> similar places around flyover America.

I'd agree in prinicpal, but if even 0.1% of LGR's 1M youtube followers try
to show up one day, it'd be a Problem.  More people going will create a
bigger headache for the volunteers helping to deal with the situation and
might end up in no one getting anything.  There's some threshold where
instead of "more people getting retrocomputers", it's "This is too much
stress, so it's all going to a landfill". I've been overwhelmed trying to
deal with my own collection sometimes; I can't imagine having 10-20x the
space filled up would be like.

It's way too easy to keep growing the collection (more space is expensive
and stuff takes a lot more time to curate and organize than acquire) until
it's physically and mentally exhausting to deal with. One thing I've been
reminded of a few times by stuff like this is that I should organize stuff
(and keep it organized), have a plan for dispersing my collection when i'm
gone, and make sure I have some sort of inventory.

It's unfortuante that this wasn't a well known business/resource before it
was an overflowing burden for the family to deal with.  It may be our
"treasures" now, but it's also someone's misfortune that made it that way.


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