Computer Reset shop, liquidation. (USA)

Ethan O'Toole ethan at
Wed Jul 17 09:16:44 CDT 2019

> Well, I think he kind of created a shitstorm and gave CR a little too
> much exposure. The CR liquidation seems to have been going at a nice
> controlled rate. Now that the whole world knows, it would not be a
> surprise if security issues come up.

Eh, friends of mine were talking about that place like 2 months prior to 
LGR's video. Just remember, it's not the only one. There are likely to be 
similar places around flyover America.

It takes a really dedicated person to travel across the country.

As long as the crap goes into nerd hands versus the landfill, so be it?

> This is why when I get into a place like this, I am very picky about
> who I let it, and in no way allow videos to be made and published on
> Youtube, even on my own channel.

"Me only." So people are upset that the magic well was exposed.

I see the same stuff with the arcade community. They're quick to show off 
all the machines they get for $50/ea from some place then they're all for 
sale at $1500/ea two months later.

Eh, it will be all $50 again or less soon enough.

Just be happy that anyone cares about old useless computers?

: Ethan O'Toole

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