Box of HP 1000 series MUX cards - 12040

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I'm curious. I'm not a HP fan but I do have a 21MX in my collection. I've run it enough to see that the front panel is working with some RAM. My question is, why would anyone use a MUX card ( in other words what are they used for )? The next question is even for someone that had a use for some, why would they want to buy 87 of them?
As for gold value, the offered value is closer than many I see on ebay. I don't know how much gold there is, counting chip packages and such but less than $7 per board seems closer than some of the offers I've seen, on ebay.
I can understand from a business point of view, the desire to get some value from them but at 87 boards, once the value of scrap is determined, that would more likely be where they would sell to. Expecting collectors to take on 87 units to get one or two makes little sense.  I tend to agree, it seems to be a disingenuous offer, at least for HP1000 enthusiast. As scrape value not so disingenuous.

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The right question is : Does theses worth $ 600 as gold scrap ??

Certainly NOT, so ..... This is "If you want that scrap, you pay a
premium ".

A premium for what   ( or for who ) ??

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