visit to Bletchley Park / comp museum - Elliot 803

Bill Degnan billdegnan at
Sat Jul 13 15:30:08 CDT 2019

Hi all - Gatwick Airport was closed for many hours.  Without getting into
all of the details it became impossible to make it to the museum during my
layover.  As it was everything had to be perfect.  I went to London for a
few hours instead.

My goal was to see the Elliot 803 at the computer museum in Bletchley so I
could learn more about how it worked, I found some code written for the
802, which would work on the 803, and I thought it might be worth the
experience to see or maybe even operate the actual machine.  There is no
simH that I know of for the 802/803 but I have read some attempts at it.  I
realize I could not see the whole museum and would be rushed, but given I
was only in London for an extended 17-hour layover, why not try?  Peter
Onion Elliott 803 Team leader was going to meet me.

Thanks everyone for their feedback.  I am going to try to visit next spring
for a longer period so I can take my time.  I also would like by then to
try the same technique I used for the LGP-30 to get that running on simH,
applied to the Elliot 803.  I'd have to get my head back into that
project.  Complicated.


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