Anyone have any docs on Termiflex handheld terminals?

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Fri Jul 12 23:53:58 CDT 2019

Hi, All,

I recently picked up an item I've been looking for for quite some
time, a handheld configuration "terminal" for a LeCroy 1440 HV
chassis, called a "Model 1447 Local Diagnostic Controller".  It's
superficially like the DEC hand-held used in the field for internal
RA81 diagnostics but it's not the same model.

The 1447 is described in the 1440 docs, so I have the pinout (DA-15
with TxD and RxD on pins 2 and 3, plus ground and +5V on certain
pins).  A sticker on my 1447 indicates it's a "Termiflex" product but
all I can find online are pictures and docs from the later LCD display
units.  This one has a 1x16 LED alpha display.

Does anyone have any docs on older LED Termiflex units?  Again, I have
the pinout but I'm curious about the innards.  Unfortunately, the 4
case latches are difficult to unlock without some magic shim tool or
I'd just open mine and reverse-engineer the PCB (there are four 2mm x
8mm slots with some sort of metal barbs at the bottom that seem to
need a specific tool to open - a small blade has been unhelpful so

Pinouts (cf J3)

>From the LANL docs for the 1440 I've found so far, it's unclear at the
moment if TxD and RxD are +/-12V or +5V and GND but that's easy to
check on the TxD line before I put anything on the RxD line.

Thanks for any info.


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