Box of HP 1000 series MUX cards - 12040

Guy Dunphy guykd at
Mon Jul 8 20:35:24 CDT 2019

At 12:18 PM 8/07/2019 +0000, jesse wrote:
>If anyone wants 87 HP 1000 series mux cards for gold or to play around 
>with, I'm starting to clean house. The ebay link is below.

Wow. Way to make everyone interested in restoring HP 1000 systems (me included) hate you.
All those boards, dumped loose in one deep box, so most of them are guaranteed to have
small parts broken, and everything scratched up. Are they all 'known dead' or something?
Then wanting $600 as 'scrap gold recovery' value? Idk, is that appealing for gold scrappers?
But it's like a red flag to a bull, for people potentially interested in seeing if any of the
boards could be got working. "I'm going to destroy all these boards, and if you want to save
them it's going to really cost you. Also, I promise to NOT pack them carefully for shipping,
if you did pay the ransom."

It's like you deliberately spoofed common attitudes to classic computer hardware, that are
why so much of it is so rare by now. Or you're trolling the readers of this group.

Oh and let me guess. You had crates full of documentation for these boards, but you already
binned it all, right? Also mating cables for the boards, sold for 'low content copper scrap.'

'Clean house'? Please tell us you are not stripping down intact systems into recycling bins?

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