Lots of Apple 1 computers @ VCF West

Tomasz Rola rtomek at ceti.pl
Mon Jul 8 22:47:00 CDT 2019

On Mon, Jul 08, 2019 at 10:02:27PM -0500, John Herron wrote:
> Maybe I should Google this but I thought John Titor was the man claiming to
> be from the future and looking for an IBM 5100 for the ability to run APL.

That is him.

> I'm not familiar with any apple 1 story but I remember him posting and
> calling in to a night time radio show. I didn't follow everything so I
> coulda missed something or maybe it was a different Titor claimee.

I thought that some fun could be made of him: invent some stories
about how he conducts various petty crimes in a past in order to get
hold of many precious classic computers. So that he could easily
retire like some of use would like to (but no way, no Apple-1 for

So, he could be sitting now (his "now", in the year, say, 2050),
reading archives of this group and spraying his pinacolada on the
monitor when he reads about his fictional misdeeds. And those stories
would have been from his past, so he could not go back to correct me,
for example, without changing his timeline.

Well, on the other hand, if he is some kind of local incognito saint
in the group, and I had no idea, than maybe making up stories about
him is not the best idea.

Is there any better way to play joke on John Titor?

> Maybe he'd be one of the folks who brings one? :-)

Yes, and get caught in a photo...

Tomasz Rola

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