Lots of Apple 1 computers @ VCF West

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Mon Jul 8 16:43:46 CDT 2019

On Mon, 8 Jul 2019, Evan Koblentz via cctalk wrote:
>> The only people growing up today that would pay anything like that amount, 
>> would only pay that much because they expected to make a profit. It is just 
>> an investment.
> Don't underestimate the force of "bragging rights" to people who can afford 
> such things. Many of them buy an Apple 1 because they can, not because it's 
> an investment.
> Anyway: we're having at least 10 of 'em at VCF West, did I mention that? :)

To some yuppies, the cost is something to brag about being able to afford. 
To the truly wealthy, it is irrelevant.  If Bill Gates wanted one, he 
would not have to economize elsewhere to afford it.  And there are a lot 
of billionaires today.  It would be a trivial expense for the nostalgia, 
or the "I wanted one, and couldn't get one then; but now I can."

For your panel, a few questions to put to them:
1) Did you get one when they were current, or more recently?

2) For each of those two groups, WHY did you get one?

3) Did you later get an Apple ][?

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