Lots of Apple 1 computers @ VCF West

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Mon Jul 8 16:32:13 CDT 2019

Yes Evan, you mentioned that. Eventually there will be people settling estates. The first ones sold will do well but eventually, even those that want bragging rights will have little  interest in such items. Apple is already at a point that they no longer have a hold on the market. They may be able to get a couple more geeky gotta have items, like the watch, but their days are already numbered.
 Their computers are virtually unrepairable, if something goes wrong( talk to anyone that has one but maybe just because of their own policies, not that the hardware is any worse or better than anyone else's ).
I expect that Apple-1s will hold their value for at least the rest of my life time, if not go up more. So, what should I care.

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> The only people growing up today that would pay anything like that amount, would only pay that much because they expected to make a profit. It is just an investment.

Don't underestimate the force of "bragging rights" to people who can
afford such things. Many of them buy an Apple 1 because they can, not
because it's an investment.

Anyway: we're having at least 10 of 'em at VCF West, did I mention that? :)

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