RS232 Communications HP9000 Series 320

Roger Addy roger.addy at
Mon Jul 8 14:17:36 CDT 2019

Thank you Carlos,

I have that cable currently and can confirm it reroutes the pinout to 
RS232 standard for PCs.  I can dialog with the computer, at least I 
think I am.  When I put it into dialog on the host, the keys I press on 
the host shows on the connected PC and vice-versa.  I tried sending an 
ASCII file to the PC using the CMM software and all is get is the word 
"PROMPT" on the PC screen.  I think the host is expecting a response 
from the PC.  The software on the system is running a CMM.  I was hoping 
there is a command string that I can use to send the files in the 
operating system, bypassing the CMM software.  Thank you for your help.


On 7/7/2019 8:14 PM, Carlos E Murillo-Sanchez wrote:
> Roger Addy via cctech wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> First post here.  I have a HP9000 Series 320 computer with a HP Drive 
>> system.  It uses the HPL 2.1 (I think) operating system. I'm trying 
>> to get some ASCII files out of the system using the RS232 port.  The 
>> port is female DB9, so I'm assuming it's DCE. I got an HP cable DB9 
>> to DB25 which reorients the pins to PC standard RS232 DTE.  I can get 
>> a connection with the HP. but when I try to send a file it just shows 
>> the word "PROMPT" on the PC. I'm not sure what to do at this point.  
>> I'm currently using Tera Term.  Any advice is appreciated.
> I have this HP cable part # 98561-61604, which I think is exactly for 
> early HP9000-300 machines.  It is a male DE-9 to female DB-25 cable, 
> and the pinout is as follows:
> Male DE9         Female DB25
> --------         ----------
> 1 ---------------- 20 DTR
> 2 ---------------- 2  TD
> 3 ---------------- 3  RD
> 4 ---------------- 4  RTS
> 5 ---------------- 5  CTS
> 6 ---------------- 6  DSR
> 7 ---------------- 7  SG
> 8 ---------------- 8  CD
> 9 ---------------- 22 RI
> Clearly, the DE-9 is not a PC-style serial pinout.
> carlos.

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