KDJ11-E issue/info

Nigel Johnson nw.johnson at ieee.org
Sun Jul 7 10:06:54 CDT 2019

Thanks for the reply, Noel,

On 07/07/2019 10:31, Noel Chiappa wrote:
>      > From: Nigel Johnson
>      > Anybody have any docs on the DEC LSI 11/93 (KDJ11-E)?
> Info on the -E is thin on the ground. The User's Manual (EK-KDJ1E-UG-001)
> is available online, though, which is a start - it gives info on how to
> configure it, etc.
Yes, I have that manual. Thanks.
>      > I am trying to run it in a BA23 backplane and seemingly geting bus
>      > hangs as is there is something that it is looking for that is not
>      > there!
> QBUS 11's are pretty resistant to hangs, unless you have an interrupted
> grant chain. A simple missing device should give a NXM fault.

Yes, I have checked the grant chain. No problems there.  I started out 
with just the processor anyway.  It seems that the firmware is trying to 
access something from the system it came from, which isn't there.  I 
have tried all boot device settings, as well as direct into dialogue 
mode, and it always clears the screen and homes cursor, but never gets 
past that point.  The run light comes out whenever it gets to the 
dialogue mode whether I go throug hthe diagnostics or not.  It passes 
all the diagnostics.

I am connecting a terminal (Tried all types that Pathworks Powerterm 525 
will emulate, as well as putty,minicom, and kermit) via a made-up cable, 
looping all te other ports.  I am suspicious that the console cab kit 
(which I don't have) needs +5 and +12 so I am wondering if the firmware 
is waiting for some kind of handshake.  I wonder if anybody else out 
there can advise.

> I"d try getting the whole system working with another CPU, and then plug in
> the -E; reduce the number of unknown variables. Although with memory and
> console line on-board on the -E, it shouldn't need too much else for at least
> basic functioning.

It would be a great idea if I had one. Somehow I went on a mad frenzy to 
clear out extra stock from my storage area years ago and got rid of the 
last one, thinking that there was one still inside the backplane!



> 	Noel


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