advice upcoming visit to Bletchley Park / comp museum

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Sun Jul 7 02:37:55 CDT 2019

Gatwick to Bletchley and back on a Thursday - Difficult.

Public transport or road on a workday in London er.. I don't think so.

Time at Bletchley would be short and you really need the two hour NMOC 
guided tour - its a bit of a rabbit warren.

I'm an hour and a bit south west (Newbury) by fast car.

It took a complete day including a private booked tour just for the 
Computer Museum.

So go there - stay near - allow 2/3 days - one day = no way


On 06/07/2019 20:38, Dave Wade via cctalk wrote:
> Bill,
>   I think you will be cutting things fine. The risks are up to you,
>   You won't drive from Gatwick to Bletchley in an hour. It’s the wrong side of London. Google is currently saying 1h 33Mins.
>   However, the route involves the M25 via Heathrow and that has frequent blockages so IMHO it’s a risky option.
>   Conversely getting the train means crossing London and getting a tube. Google is saying allow 1h 54m for that at present.
>   Then TNMOC (where all the computers are) does not open until 10.30. Allowing two hours for a visit means its tight getting back to Gatwick.
> Dave
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>> Hi...I am arriving at Gatwick Airport this weds evening1045pm and I have a
>> 17 hour layover.  I'd like to visit the national computer museum at bletchley
>> park about an hour north.  I see I can rent a car from the airport and drive to a
>> hotel near the  museum.  There are a few hotels with
>> 24/7 desks.  Concerns?  Total time in England is 17 hours, 8 of which needed
>> for sleep, plus travel to and from the airport and museum.  Not sure how
>> efficient the car rental return process is, etc.  Need some buffer for
>> unknowns Thanks in advance
>> Bill


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