RS232 Communications HP9000 Series 320

Roger Addy roger.addy at
Sat Jul 6 22:18:11 CDT 2019

Hi All,

First post here.  I have a HP9000 Series 320 computer with a HP Drive 
system.  It uses the HPL 2.1 (I think) operating system. I'm trying to 
get some ASCII files out of the system using the RS232 port.  The port 
is female DB9, so I'm assuming it's DCE.  I got an HP cable DB9 to DB25 
which reorients the pins to PC standard RS232 DTE.  I can get a 
connection with the HP. but when I try to send a file it just shows the 
word "PROMPT" on the PC. I'm not sure what to do at this point.  I'm 
currently using Tera Term.  Any advice is appreciated.

Roger Addy

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