advice upcoming visit to Bletchley Park / comp museum

Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at
Sat Jul 6 14:38:17 CDT 2019

 I think you will be cutting things fine. The risks are up to you,
 You won't drive from Gatwick to Bletchley in an hour. It’s the wrong side of London. Google is currently saying 1h 33Mins. 
 However, the route involves the M25 via Heathrow and that has frequent blockages so IMHO it’s a risky option.
 Conversely getting the train means crossing London and getting a tube. Google is saying allow 1h 54m for that at present.
 Then TNMOC (where all the computers are) does not open until 10.30. Allowing two hours for a visit means its tight getting back to Gatwick.

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> Hi...I am arriving at Gatwick Airport this weds evening1045pm and I have a
> 17 hour layover.  I'd like to visit the national computer museum at bletchley
> park about an hour north.  I see I can rent a car from the airport and drive to a
> hotel near the  museum.  There are a few hotels with
> 24/7 desks.  Concerns?  Total time in England is 17 hours, 8 of which needed
> for sleep, plus travel to and from the airport and museum.  Not sure how
> efficient the car rental return process is, etc.  Need some buffer for
> unknowns Thanks in advance
> Bill

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