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  I think Luton is a really bad choice if you are using Public Transport. If you are driving that’s not too bad unless its Friday afternoon when the entire UK road system seems to disintegrate. (Actually, in July and August it’s a little better).

  Its not on the same train line as Bletchly/Milton Keynes so you end up with a messy journey involving busses…. Take a look in Google Maps its pretty good for UK busses and trains. It show 1 Hour and 39 mins direct. Or 2 hours in and out of London.




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I was thinking of going over for a visit, but try to fly into Luton and save a lot of travel. If I want to go to London, take the train.




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> > If you really want to do justice to Bletchley you need two days.
> I did the site (three museums, plus the actual Bletchley house) in about six
> hours. They threw me out when I mentioned B-Deinst, but I was done
> anyway.

But did you do it justice? It’s a lot of walking.

> Less than three hours is really not good - you would miss too much, especially
> the demos.

I still think three hours is pushing it..

> Bill, with your time constraints, go into London and spend the time at the
> V&A. Completely worth it.

I would have chosen Science museum, but it all depends on what sort of thing you enjoy...
... as a child my favourite museum was the Maritime Museum at Grenwich...

> --
> Will

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