advice upcoming visit to Bletchley Park / comp museum

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> > If you really want to do justice to Bletchley you need two days.
> I did the site (three museums, plus the actual Bletchley house) in about six
> hours. They threw me out when I mentioned B-Deinst, but I was done
> anyway.

But did you do it justice? It’s a lot of walking.

> Less than three hours is really not good - you would miss too much, especially
> the demos.

I still think three hours is pushing it..

> Bill, with your time constraints, go into London and spend the time at the
> V&A. Completely worth it.

I would have chosen Science museum, but it all depends on what sort of thing you enjoy...
... as a child my favourite museum was the Maritime Museum at Grenwich...

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> Will

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