Apple ][ EPROM programmer Re: Lots of Apple 1 computers @ VCF West

steven at steven at
Sun Jul 7 01:02:55 CDT 2019

Guy said
> I just _love_ being reminded of the circumstances of my NOT buying an Apple I, and what that mistake cost me.

You mention you were not aware of any EPROM programmer boards for the Apple ][. I had one for my taiwanese FORMOSA
Apple ][ clone and I recall it could do 2716s perhaps 2732s. It was dirt cheap relative to locally bought computer gear
in Australia in 1982 like all the other clone cards on offer (Z80 Softcard, printer card, language card, disk ][ card,
PAL colour card, 128k ramdisk card and so on) so we got the lot.
Since we had no accessible internet back then, everything was done via telexes and wire transfers at the local Post Office
to Formosa's Taiwan office.
The clone programmer card was very similar in size, layout and appearance to this one but I don't recall it was as
sparsely populated:


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