Lots of Apple 1 computers @ VCF West

ben bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Sat Jul 6 20:51:27 CDT 2019

On 7/6/2019 1:12 AM, Guy Dunphy via cctalk wrote:
> At 08:21 PM 5/07/2019 -0400, you wrote:
>> You could be sitting on $400K-$1,000,000. That's the current range of
>> decent-condition Apple 1 boards.
> I just _love_ being reminded of the circumstances of my NOT buying an Apple I, and what that mistake cost me.
> http://everist.org/NobLog/20181001_missing_wave.htm
> Guy

Just like the stock market, Next week it could be vintage WWI army boots 
worn my Mother Inlaws.
It the Apple I was so great, why did the COLLECTORS not buy them then?
Now a 6501 CPU would be worth a pretty penny.
  I wonder what has more sales Saturday July 6 2019, A PDP/8 in some 
form, A PI computer, or a 6502 Home brew computer?
Ps: I have a one of kind 18 bit computer lurking in a DE1 FPGA card, and 
I am not getting any offers for its sale. Replace your PDP-8 with 
something bigger. :) 1.5 uS core memory cycle.
PPS: A Deluxe 20 bit computer coming REAL SOON.

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