Email delivery protocols / methods.

Grant Taylor cctalk at
Fri Jul 5 16:05:32 CDT 2019

Here's pot stirrer for a holiday Friday afternoon:

How many different protocols / methods can we collectively come up with 
for how email can be transferred?

I'm primarily thinking about between servers (MTA-to-MTA).  But I'm also 
willing to accept servers and clients (MTA-to-MUA).  Where you can / 
could run at least one server yourself.

  · SMTP(S)
  · UUCP (rmail)
  · MMDF
  · X.400
  · Microsoft Exchange proprietary protocol
  · Novell GroupWise proprietary protocol
  · Lotus (IBM) Domino proprietary protocol
  · FidoNet (FTN)
  · Direct file access - group Post Office
  · Direct file access - mail spool

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