STOP IT : "half-dollar"/"50 cent piece" Was: Recovering the ROM of an IBM 5100 using OCR

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    ENOUGH ALREADY!  Surely there must be better lists to carry on this 

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> Not every thing makes sense to go metric. Clearly bold sizes are better off in fractional sizes. Also for wrenches. I have to have 13, 14 and 15 mm wrenches. A 9/16 would have covered the entire range. I have a spot on my car that I need a 23mm offset box wrench. What a pain.
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> Now that the dollar coin is a different color than the quarter, they don't
> end up mixed.  But, the replacement of the Washington quarter, that even
> included when they were silver, with the commemorative quarters means they
> are now all different designs, and the Susan B. Anthony dollar coins no
> longer have more of a difference of appearance from quarters than a
> Canadian quarter.
>>> A "Dime" is one tenth of a dollar.  Or ten cents.  Or $10 worth of drugs.
>>> The coin is 17.91mm diameter, and the smallest coin in circulation.
>>> A "Nickel" is five cents.  or $5 worth of drugs.
>>> The coin is 21.21mm, and is between a penny and a quarter in size.
>> I'm broadly aware but I can never remember which is 5¢ and which is 10¢.
> Think of the "dime" as a "deci"
> "nickel and dime" is used to mean small and irrelevant.
> "nickel" and "dime" are also slang for $5 and $10 respectively, except in
> casinos, because while the casinos still had coin slot machines they had
> nickel ones, and did NOT confuse those with $5 chips.  But, without the
> little paper-cup bucket of coins, what's the appeal of scanning a card,
> and then, if the machine malfunctioned and you won, it prints out a piece
> of paper to take to the cashier cage?
>> Yeah, but we reformed and decimalised it all about 50y ago, and now,
>> as an olde pharte, all the old units and multiples are arcane and
>> weird even to me. I have only the dimmest memories of seeing shillings
>> and things like that. I barely understand feet and inches and don't
>> really grasp pounds, ounces and so on at all. I have never used
>> Fahrenheit.
> Oh, but we are proud of our unremembered heritage, and fiercely resist
> change.  We still use Fahrenheit.  And efforts to "go metric" have made
> little headway.
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