Newest Batch of Items from Sellam's VWoCW Just Posted

Sellam Ismail sellam.ismail at
Mon Apr 29 23:27:23 CDT 2019

Good Monday Evening (or Tuesday Morning if you are beyond the International

Here is the latest batch of computers and boards and peripherals and things
that I've carefully curated for your consideration and consumption from my

Homebrew Small Form Factor S-100 System
Indus GT 5.25" Floppy Drive (Atari)
ADPI Easi-Disk 5.25" External Serial Disk Drive
Camwil Printwheel - Pica 10
Camwil Printwheel - Elite 12
Diablo Black Cloth Ribbon
Diablo HiType-I FIlm Ribbon (6 pack)
GP Technologies Printwheel - Titan Legal 10
Xerox Metal Printwheel - Titan Legal 10
Xerox Metal Printwheel - Vintage 12
Toshiba T1950CT Laptop
Toshiba T4900CT Laptop
Commodore 1311 Joystick (boxed)
Microsoft InPort Mouse w/Mouse Interface
Articulate Systems Voice Impact Pro
Dysan 100 MD2HD 5.25" Floppy Diskettes (10-pack)
Curtis Electro Devices PR5200B 32x8 Memory Programmer
Asante FriendlyNet Adapter
Perkin-Elmer PC AT Single T4 4 Meg Transputer
CompuPro CPU 8085/88
CompuPro CPU 8085/88 (incomplete)
CompuPro RAM16
CompuPro RAM21
Comrex The S100 TimePiece
JVB Electronics Spool-Z-Q 100
MATCO Data Products EPROM Emulator/Programmer
Morrow Designs MM256K
CompuPro/Viasyn SPUZ 64K
Viasyn Interfacer 3A (bare board)
Viasyn Interfacer 4 (bare board)
Atari XG-1 Light Gun
Atari XE Keyboard
IBM PCjr Internal Modem
IBM PCjr RF Modulator
MOS Technology KIM-1 (Rev. A)
Commodore KIM-1 (Rev. G)
Radio Shack TRS-80 64K Color Computer
DEC Celebris FP 590 PC

Links to information on these items and more can be found here:

Photos are linked in the descriptions.  I will be going back and adding
photos for the last couple batches in the near future and will post an
update when they are up.

As ever, please contact me directly by e-mail via <sellam.ismail at>
to inquire or make an offer on a particular item.

Thank you!


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