Sun SS2 SBus memory expansion parts

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Mon Apr 29 21:13:44 CDT 2019

You can make the cable out of a section of ribbon cable and
DuPont/FCI/whoever-owns-it-now Mini-Latch PV connector housings, I made
that up for one of my SS2s. Note that it'll interfere with the top closing
on a SPARCstation IPX, if you put the board in the slot closest to the
memory expansion socket. I believe the real Sun cable did, too.

I've got one of the 32MB mezzanine boards, I've thought about reproducing
it as it seems to be just RAM chips, no special ICs. There would be a
significant cost in having it (destructively) scanned and the original
would be gone.


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> > I have the 32MB memory expansion card for my SPARCstation 2 (P/N
> 501-1823) but not the accompanying cable (501-1814) or 32MB mezzanine card
> (501-1824).
> Of course I meant 530-1814 as the Sun part number for the cable.
> We deeply regret such grievous inaccuracy.
>   -- Chris

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