Modern Rack Rails in Classic Racks?

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Mon Apr 29 19:20:17 CDT 2019

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>> While it might not be useful for all applications, I've gone down to the hardware store and purchased "angle iron" and cut it to length. I then drill a whole through it in a couple of places and bolt it to the rack. It's not as nice as sliders, but it gets the job done for all the systems I've used in the past couple of decades. It wouldn't work well, however, for systems that have big heavy disk drives, for tape drives, etc. It also burns 1 U in the rack. For me that's not been an issue but others have complained about that in the past when I've suggested this.
>> Warner
> I figure that loosing 1U will be less of a concern than the insulating effects of putting a sheet of wood in there.  I’m giving real consideration to jury rigging something.
> I’ll pick up the rack and then go from there.  
> I put wood there too :)  But only when the chassis is venting front to back (or back to front) as opposed to top to bottom... Though it's been a long time since I've seen top to bottom…

This will be going into my Garage, so cooling will be a challenge during the summer.  OTOH, it’s really nice to be able to log in via ILO and check the system temperatures.  My plan is to keep the 24x7 servers as low to the ground as possible.  Stuff that gets powered of “when needed”, can go higher up in the rack.  The one exception will be if I put the MicroVAX III with RA7x drives into the rack, like I’m threatening to.  Those would probably be forced to go in the bottom.


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