Modern Rack Rails in Classic Racks?

Zane Healy healyzh at
Mon Apr 29 14:37:15 CDT 2019

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>> My next question is, what options are there for putting a shelf in a standard rack?  My google-fu seems to be failing me.  I’ve I’m going to put any desktops in the rack, I’ll need a shelf or two, at a minimum.
> I don't have any myself, but I've seen plenty of rack mounted shelves in the racks at the office.  Those are modern racks, but I'd assume they come in a range of sizes.  I could use some for putting oscilloscopes etc. in my H960.
> 	paul

I finally figured out how to pull up shelves on eBay.  Looks like outfitting a rack with shelves will likely cost more than the rack itself, but give me solution that will make it perfect for me.


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