VTserver problem (bug?)

Charles charlesmorris800 at centurytel.net
Wed Apr 24 19:38:48 CDT 2019

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>But there is some kind of bug that always appears at the same point, in the
>middle of the next 100K block after "6600K written".
>The data transfer stops (no more head motion/ready light flicker on the
>RL02), and the character that vtserver uses to indicate a write operation
>just repeats endlessly and rapidly until I kill it.

More information and a correction: I let it run on, and it is still reading
and writing, but at a much slower and intermittent rate than the first 6.6
The filler character is just a time marker of some kind, since I can still
see the "r" indicating a read from the .dsk image, and the light on the RL02
flickers after a few of those.
So it's slowed way down, but not stopped! Even more mysterious.

Anyway, this disk has 13800 blocks out of 20800 used. If RT-11 stores data
(including the directory structure) starting from block 0, I may be able to
kill the writes after 7 MB.
(Unfortunately I think I neglected to squeeze the image before sending it to
the RL - and naturally the important TSX files are near the end - which
means I have to wait for most of it).
If I have to do it again, I'll squeeze and then kill it after 7 MB and see
what I got! 

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