MSCP Conformance tests?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Fri Apr 19 15:23:10 CDT 2019

I'm working on implementing an MSCP controller on top of Joerg Hoppe's
Unibone and I'm making pretty good progress -- RT-11 works and I'm working
on getting 2.11bsd to boot from it in an 11/84 (it works well enough to
load "boot" which then loads the kernel, then things fall over).

However, given the complexity of the protocol I'd like to be able to test
it against something official rather than going from OS to OS and hammering
out issues as I find them.  DEC's UDA50 diagnostics assume an actual UDA50
(and expect specific behaviors like onboard diagnostics, etc.) and I don't
really want to emulate a UDA50 -- I just want to implement a generic MSCP
controller properly.

I'm assuming the answer is "no" but did DEC ever provide actual MSCP
conformance tests (for PDP-11 or VAX) to allow third parties to test their

Thanks as always,

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