Plane of core memory

Jim Brain brain at
Thu Apr 18 12:19:09 CDT 2019

I am the enviable owners of a plane of memory (procured a few years back 
at VCF-East, when there were a bunch of 32K? boards int he consignment pile.

(Sorry, not currently interested in selling :-)

But, I am thankful for the links, as I have wanted to interface this 
with a CPU or PC of some kind.

A few questions, though:

  * Is there a way to "read" the core non destructively using any kind
    of passive method (I know, it would be tedious, no doubt, but I just
    feel like I should "backup" the core before I go messing with it)?
  * Along with the above, might there be a way to extend the passive
    read to be a worthy "exhibit" I could take to shows? Core memory is
    impressive just to look at, but reading it out using the PC and
    displaying the contents is so easy to fake that I think people will
    assume the core memory is not really being used.  Some way of
    showing the actual magnetic changes in a small matrix (the large
    plane I have is probably not a good candidate unless there is a way
    to show such minute cores fields) would I think make the exhibit far
    more interesting, especially if I arranged the grid in a square and
    created a really slow version of something like "Tetris" on the plane.

Ideas appreciated.


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