Plane of core memory

Grant Taylor cctalk at
Thu Apr 18 12:00:28 CDT 2019

On 4/18/19 2:08 AM, Andrew Luke Nesbit wrote:
> This is great and I will look into this.

I'm generally not into SBCs.  (I do more with virtualization than have 
SBCs proliferate.)  But the idea of having core memory, and it working, 
is quite appealing to me.

> But my original request was for something a little bit different.

I agree that the spirit of your request was for something older. 
However, nothing  you wrote actually dictated it.  -  Letter of the law 
vs the spirit of the law type thing.  ;-)

> That is, a properly specified core memory plane in working condition, 
> because I would very much like to interface with it from a modern 
> computer.

Friendly nit pick (meant in good fun):

What is "properly specified" in this context?  That just means that you 
need to know where it came from.  -  I feel like "a shield for an 
Arduino (insert more model details here)" qualifies as "properly specified".

It is, or very well should be, in working condition.

You should be able to interface with it from an Arduino, which is very 
much so a modern computer.


I know that it's not old.  Which was not actually specified.  In fact, 
you functionally removed the old specification by saying "… S/360 … this 
is not necessary."

So, IMHO it did check the hard requirements as written in your original 
message.  :-D

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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