Pleas ID this IBM system....

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Tue Apr 16 15:22:43 CDT 2019

> Huh? Sorry, but I'm not made of money, and obviously, we have different
> oppinions about the value of a large system in unknown or mediocre
> condition.

It is not your fault or anything - you gave it a good try. I have been
in the same boat, bidding what I could, but losing out. I think the
hammer price was far too low.

> But more than 1000¤ is not realistic, even with some noble offerings like
> Noel's.

System/360 peripherals tend to sell for 200-1000 *each*, depending on
type and condition - and there were quite a lot of peripherals there.

This is not counting the actual processors (even if it was a stinky
little model 20 and a small (but very interesting) model 125).

>You have to consider all the efforts and time and space you need
> to invest into such an adventure.

I have been on more than a few computer rescues.

> I've seen more pictures of the site (thanks to a friend who visited the
> site), and everything is dirty and burried under the ventilation system


> Yes, but that is about all of the system. There's a hip high "table" with
> yellow front and back doors, I guess that was the console, with obviously
> missing setup. No peripherals for the 370/125 apart from a
> printer-keyboard (from the number list) and a card reader, so no tape or
> disk drives. The 3340 drives are missing (some corroded modules can be
> seen on one pic).

Still, S/370 peripherals tend to be easier to get, so a system could
be assembled. The processors are always the tough parts to find.

I think the model 125 had some built-in control units as well.

> But after all, I'm not too frustrated because I know where there is a
> complete 360/20 and a complete 370/125 (with drives) still running :-)
> These systems are already in a wonderful museum.

Clearly the pile was not purchased for scrap, so it will be
interesting to see where it ends up. We may never know, with the
secretive nature of big iron collectors..


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