Adding floppy drives to my PDP-11?

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Apr 14 17:29:19 CDT 2019

    > From: Charles Morris

    > it appears that the RXV21 will only work with an RX02 drive...

So an RX02 can be jumpered to work with the non-DMA RXV11; but the DMA RXV21
can't be configured to work with an RX01. Which of these two is a more
interesting/useful thing to be able to do?

People at MIT used to theorize the existence of a virulent biological virus,
'Honeywell Brain Damage'; I wonder if there's a DEC mutation?

    > Just wondering what my options are for hooking up any kind of floppy
    > drives. I could sell the RXV21 and buy/trade for an RXV11 (M7946)
    > instead

Those used to be fairly common on eBay for not many dineros; I only see
one moderately expensive one at the moment, though. I'd definitely go
this way, though - maybe Paul A has one available?


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