AGC DSKY auction / was Re: Control Console, but not PDP-10

Brent Hilpert bhilpert at
Fri Apr 12 14:13:13 CDT 2019

On 2019-Apr-11, at 10:04 PM, Paul Birkel via cctalk wrote:
> Now consider a DSKY.  Currently at $27,500.00.  Auction estimate: $60,000+
> Great provenance!  “The DSKY that saved Apollo 14.”

I looked up this auction too, after Marc mentioned it in his latest AGC restoration video.

But while looking up the current auction, an earlier auction showed up.
The same auction house sold a DSKY in 2011 for  93K$.

(That 93K$ includes the buyer's premium, so the hammer price was presumably 74K$, for comparing to the current auction.)

My sense is awareness of the AGC has gone up in the intervening years, so this sale will be interesting.
I guess one could debate which one has a more 'valuable' provenance.

One can only speculate what an entire AGC would go for.

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