Fujitsi 2444AC 9-track tape drive/PDP-11

Paul Anderson useddec at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 01:03:00 CDT 2019

I should have a few, and will try to check this weekend.


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> Question to owners of the 2444AC. I have been looking to acquire the
> Emulex QT13 but cannot find anything on ebay (I did miss one early on and
> wanted to kick myself). Anyone have one available for purchase?
> Second question. The cable that I need to make here. Can anyone confirm I
> need to female IDC connectors on each side? (the tape drive and the QT13
> have male pins)?
> Thanks
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> > Now for some questions.
> >
> > 1.      I've been told the QT13 is a very good card to interface here.
> I've been looking for a while on ebay without luck. I do see a QT14 on ebay
> right now at a good price, but I am not familiar with the "S" card business
> and what that means for use in a PDP-11 backplane.
> >
> > 2.      Anyone have a QT13 for sale? Or based on my dec and unix
> interests, is there a better/recommended card?
> >
> > 3.      Anyone have the 50 pin cables/connectors available? If not I
> feel confident I could make these up. But I thought I'd ask in case someone
> has a set getting in their way
> >
> A Fujitsu M2444AC in new condition is a great tape drive if you want
> to work with 9-track 1/2-inch tapes, and don't need 800BPI, and plan
> to use it with a host with a Pertec interface, and have the space to
> set it up and someone to help you move a 200 pound drive into place.
> You have to manually thread the tape when you load it, but I actually
> consider that a plus as it is one less thing to go wrong compared to
> an auto loading tape drive.
> I currently have a couple of them that I have used with Q-Bus systems.
> I agree with the recommendation to use an Emulex QT13 interface. That
> is what I have used in TMSCP mode to install 2.11BSD and RSTS/E 10.1
> from tape on an 11/73 system. I also have one or more Dilog
> DQ130/132/140/142 Pertec interfaces (I forget what the models are,
> some don't have manuals on Bitsavers). Those aren't quite as friendly
> to set up and use as the QT13.
> I'd have to look and see how many QT13 cards I have. Probably more
> than two for the two M2444AC drives I have. I just built cables
> myself. I have a 3M Scotchflex 3640 press which makes it easy to press
> the IDC connectors on to the cable. I bought a full 100-foot roll of
> 3M 1700/50 or 3365/50 cable for a reasonable price on eBay.

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