%20 nonsense

Jeff Woolsey jlw at jlw.com
Mon Apr 8 23:13:25 CDT 2019

> whats with the weird tag on this thread?

Oops, sorry.

Clicking on an address in the mailing list viewed as a web page via
http://www.classiccmp.org/pipermail/cctech/2019-April tries to fire up
MacOS X Mail, which I don't want because I use Thunderbird.  So I "Copy
Email Address" and paste it into a Thunderbird compose window To: field,
and it has
cctech at classiccmp.org?Subject=Re:%20'd_subject_line_mess&otherjunk.  I
copied that into the Subject: line, and thought something would do the
right thing with them upon receipt.  Oh well, there I go overestimating
the intelligence of software again.

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