Game of Life for PDP-8

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Mon Apr 8 08:54:01 CDT 2019

When I first got my arduino and connected it to a small oled screen I thought about a script to generate life on the screen. As it was, I wrote a pong game, using pots for paddles.
One thing to think about, in life, is how to deal with edges.
One way is that the bits could just fall off. Another way is they could reflect.
Yet another way is the edges could wrap around. In other words, if it when off the top, it would show up in the same column at the bottom of the screen. A variation of this is that it might swap sides when going of an edge. This could include rotating axis and/or swapping polarity of axis.
Each has interesting effects when shooting gliders at things.
There is a lot of stuff on the web.

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> Would love to hear some comments if anyone plays with this. And, if someone
> significantly speeds things up while keeping the large playing field, I'll
> be very happy to hear how!
> Kyle

A few years ago I made some videos of the output on vt50 driven by my pdp8e.

Spontaneous generation of squirrels

Well, they looked like squirrels at the time..


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