VCF PNW 2019: Photos and Survey. Please?

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Sat Apr 6 11:01:32 CDT 2019

a pity there are not  name  captions     for  those of  us that  do  not  travel  well to be  these in person.

Great photo  collection though!  Ed#
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One last spam from VCF PNW 2019 ...
Send us your Photos!  We want to put together a shared photo album so thatpeople can see the event from different perspectives.  It's a Google Photosalbum, so if you are a Google Photos user sharing is easy.  If you are nota Google Photos user or you have concerns/questions please let me know andI'll work out an alternative.
The shared album can be found at:

Help us make VCF events better!  If you were at the event last weekend Ihave a quick survey that I'd like you to fill out.  The survey will help usshape future events.  The survey is anonymous; we are not collecting emailaddresses unless you want to get a chance at a free t-shirt.  (And eventhen, we are only using the email address for that single purpose.)
The survey link is:
Direct feedback by email also works well.

Thanks,Mikemichael at or mbbrutman at

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