Yes there is a PDP 10 front panel and Kenbak on Ebay

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Fri Apr 5 14:24:15 CDT 2019

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> Subject: Re: Yes there is a PDP 10 front panel and Kenbak on Ebay
>    The other thing that happened on PDP-11/70s was that if your system
> was maintained by DEC, the field service group would want to install
> the KY11-RE Remote Serial Console Control which replaced the beautiful
> front panel with a more or less blank panel with only a key switch. It
> let DEC dial in and run diagnostics, and the Blinkin' Light panel was
> set aside often in the collection of someone. However the blank panel
> still needs the bezel for a good display of it. So unfortunately,
> there are more console panels than bezels which often did not get
> salvaged at the time the PDP-11/70 was taken out of service.

I got two machines with the remote console panel.  Fortunately, I
_have_ the cast bezel, and I've managed to get one 11/70 PCB with LED
but no switches (removed by the previous owner to restore other
machines) and one that's 100% intact.  What I _don't_ have is the
plexiglass.  I am looking at drawing up in CAD a vector file to scribe
a clear one which will be easy to make on a laser cutter and will
hopefully look cool as well.


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