Storage for 1/2" open reel tape

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri Apr 5 12:57:54 CDT 2019

I've noted earlier that the vinyl "hanger strips" for 1/2" magnetic tape
have been degrading, becoming brittle and simply breaking away,
sometimes in small particles.

So I set off looking for a low-cost substitute--any hangers that I could
rustle up would probably be on their last legs at this late date.

I hit on the idea of using 16mm move film plastic "cans".  Much to my
surprise, I found that there is still an active market for these things.

After getting a few samples, I've discovered that the 800' cans fit  a
10.5" reel (virtually all of the tape that I get) quite well.   I'm not
yet finished evaluating samples, but here's a photo of a can from Tuscan
Corporation holding a reel of tape:

The cans are vented, so not hermetically sealed.  In the case of film,
this is apparently done intentionally, as the acetate base of older film
outgasses acetic acid, which only hastens degradation.

If anyone's interested, I'll continue to post updates.  I've got some
from Larry Urbanski coming in Monday.  Larry seems to have the lowest
price on these--about $5.75 each.


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