Not DEC related but still hoping for some help: Problems w/ LJ 4+ Printer

Guy Dunphy guykd at
Tue Apr 2 17:57:01 CDT 2019

Or the drum isn't getting charged in the first place, before light exposure then toner dusting.
A way to check this: while the machine is in mid-copy, cut the power then open it up and look at the drum.
Is there a toner image adhered to the drum section between where the surface is image-exposed then dusted, and where it rolls against the paper?

Btw, if the fuser roller isn't heated enough, the symptom is that the paper comes out with a normal image, except
the toner wipes off with finger swipe. Since it's just sitting on the paper not stuck to it.

Old toner cartridges should be given a strong end-to-end shaking before being put into use. Toner can settle in
lumps and block the path to the duster. 

While you have the machine apart, always clean all the optical path lens surfaces. Dust greatly reduces the print contrast. And because most machines use fan-blown air, dust gets everywhere that isn't absolutely airtight sealed.

One other tip that might be useful. Very commonly with old photocopiers and laser printers the rubber pick-up and paper feed rollers lose their 'tack' and slip on the paper.  I found that briefly soaking them in teatree oil restores the 'tack' quite well. It soaks in and seems to have the right spread of rubber-soluble oils to keep the surface a little tacky.
Anyone else found other solvent/oils with similar effect?


At 01:47 PM 2/04/2019 -0700, you wrote:
>>If I'm not mistaken, high voltage capacitors on power supply. The corona wire isn't >charging the paper, so the image doesn't get transferred from the cylinder to the paper to >be pressed/fused in the fusor.
>Thanks for the reply. Grant also suggested the same thing. I am turning the printer upside down as I write this to pull out the HV and see if anything looks bad from the get go. Thanks!

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