The Retro Search is back up

Kevin Parker trash80 at
Mon Apr 1 18:11:26 CDT 2019

This will mostly interest TRS-80 enthusiasts on this list.

Being a TRS-80 enthusiast myself it has been a long-time dream of mine to
create a specialised TRS-80 search engine but creating a web facing search
engine to crawl numerous sites, index and categorise was quite difficult on
a low budget. For some time I used Google's Custom Search, the ad free paid
version, but Google withdrew that product so it took be back to my starting
point. I could have continued with the ad version but somehow I didn't want
a page full of ads for users of this site. In any case doing it in my own
right gave me a lot more granularity and control.

So after much experimenting and trialling I finally produced the site in its
own right and have just relaunched it. It is, in fact will always be, work
in progress and I'm always on the lookout for more TRS-80 resources to add
to the site and for any advice on omissions, corrections, additions etc. If
you know any sites that I haven't included please use the contact form on
the site to let me know.

Check it out at

Thank you!!

Kevin Parker

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