PDP8 key (Was: Text encoding Babel.

Guy Dunphy guykd at optusnet.com.au
Fri Nov 30 23:03:39 CST 2018

At 11:37 PM 30/11/2018 -0500, you wrote:
> > How come there are 8? The lock only has 7 pins.
> > Also which is pin 1 and which direction do they number?
>There are 8 possible depths, as Ethan listed.
>The lock has seven pins, with the depth indexes Ethan listed.

Ah, sorry, lacking the context of the 2011 post I missed that. Didn't spot that
those numbers were an evenly increasing series, due to the variable digits length.
Ha ha, and an instinctive tendency to skim over all inch measurements because I loathe imperial units.

I knew keys have standard cut depths, just assumed those numbers were actual
measurements of cut depths.

>Conventional pin numbering is to look into the lock, number from 1 CW
>starting to right of index (roughly one o'clock).

So I happened to guess right about that. http://everist.org/NobLog/pics/20181104/20181124_1741.jpg

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