Text encoding Babel. Was Re: George Keremedjiev (off-list)

Grant Taylor cctalk at gtaylor.tnetconsulting.net
Wed Nov 28 14:11:22 CST 2018

Hi Bob,

On 11/28/2018 11:30 AM, Robert Feldman wrote:
> FYI, your symbols do not make it through to the list digest -- they just 
> come through as question marks, the same as Ed Sharp's extra spaces.

Thank you for letting me know.

Here's a screen shot from the copy I received from the mailing list:

Link - grant-symbols
  - https://dotfiles.tnetconsulting.net/images/grant-symbols.png

I know that they did come through the normal non-digest messages from 
the mailing list.

Would you mind forwarding me a copy (directly) of the raw digest?  I'm 
curious what happened to them and I don't currently subscribe to the 
digested feed.  Depending on what I see, I may bring the issue up on the 
Mailman mailing list.

Grant. . . .
unix || die

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