Text encoding Babel. Was Re: George Keremedjiev

ben bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Tue Nov 27 23:59:30 CST 2018

On 11/27/2018 9:11 PM, Sean Conner via cctalk wrote
>    But I can still load and read circa-1968-plain-text files without issue,
> on a computer that didn't even exist at the time, using tools that didn't
> exist at the time.  The same can't be said for a circa-1988-Microsoft-word
> file.  It requires either the software of the time, or specialized software
> that understands the format.

But where do find the 1968 plain text files?
Right now I am looking for free online books on computers
and computer science books in the 1971 to 1977 year range.
a fictional example "HAL 9000 programing" AI BOOTSTRAPPING WITH A LISP
1st edition. Useful knowledge for back then. "HAL 9000 programing"
HOW the AI BOOTSTRAPS windows 1000 in HOT JAVA 2001 edition. No so 
useful for historic knowledge.

Looking to write a simple integer language as I have no floating point
yet on 1973-1974 ish paper computer design. And yes it is 18 bits and
TTL. Right now I am programing in C for what little quick and dirty 
software I have written and digging around for ideas.

It would be nice if bitsavers could have the old 1st edition books.
The latest may sell but old knowledge is being lost.

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